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Movie Remake Masterlist A-F

I'm doing this because people often delete their journal and we're left with nothing. This primarily for my convenience, and yours if you happen to come across it.

I don't actively seek out stories (if I see it I'll add it) or check if stories have been deleted. Please feel free to comment with any stories I've missed or if there's a mistake here.

I'm not adding anything from j2_everafter anymore (02/09/2011), also dc_everafter, the stuff that's already on here will stay but I'm not adding anything new. Please see those comm's for any (new or old) Disney movie remakes that are not listed here.

The list has been alphabetized by movie.
A-F l G-L l M-R l S-Z

10 Things I Hate About You

In the Right Measure by paragraph
Chad Michael Murray/Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki/Alexis Bledel, Jared/Sandra McCoy l PG-13 l 5,200+ words
Jared can't date anyone until his half-brother Jensen does which would be fine except that Jensen doesn't believe in dating and doesn't plan to do it. Ever.

101 Dalmatians

Spotted the One for Me by laulan
Jared/Jensen, Harley/Sadie l R l 12,400 words
Jared didn't come to London expecting to fall in love, but somewhere in between getting pushed into a pond and naming fifteen puppies, that's exactly what happened. Essentially 101 Dalmatians from the human side of things.

200 American

Heart Not Included by raths_kitten
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 17,998 words
One lonely evening, Jensen decides to hire a hooker. When Jared arrives, it doesn’t turn into what either of them expected.

A Boyfriend For Christmas

Good Will Towards Man by poor_choices
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 8,600 words
Jensen is a bitter veterinarian, angry at hotshot lawyer Jared Padalecki for skipping out on an important meeting. When a hot guy shows up at his door, claiming to be a Christmas present, he's sure Chris decided to actually hire him an escort. Little does he know his boss likes to play Santa, and Jared just wants to get to know him a little better.

A Bugs Life

Just Forget the Words by vorpalblades
Jared/Jensen l R l 4,970 words
Jensen's always dreamed of hitting it big but never quite had the means. So what happens when he meets Jared, who's set on making those dreams come true?

A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Dean by spacemonkey_699
Dean/Sam, Dean/Bobby, Dean/Jo, Sam/Jess, Cassie l R l 22, 376 words

A Lot Like Love

Halfway There by 4evernblue
Jared/Jensen, Jared/Sandy, Jensen/OFC ,Tom/Mike, Chris/OFC | PG-13 | Multi-chapter l F-locked
With a chance meeting and a one-flight stand Jared and Jensen discover that opposites do attract. But when their trip is over so are they, both moving on and not letting go. Searching for love that doesn’t end in disaster they keep finding each other. And while the chemistry is still there the timing is always wrong, always leaving them half way there.

A Walk In The Clouds

Dreams Come True by joans23
Jared/Jensen l PG l 13,000 words
Jensen's just returned from the war when he meets Jared, a college student on his way home to reveal a big secret. Their lives ... and hearts, become entwined.

When the Unexpected Turns Perfect by my_sam_dean
Sam/Dean l R l 1,000+ words
Sam and Dean meet on a bus. That's where their lives change forever.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

who doesn't love shark week? by aggybird
Jared/Jensen l PG l 4,000 words

Air Bud

Will the Wolf Survive? by spn4ever
Jared/Jensen l PG l 6,000 words

Air Force One

Air Force 1 by karfraegh/garvaldmains
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 14,000+ words
Jared is on his first day at his new job, as the new co-pilot on a plane codenamed Air Force 1, the President of America's official call sign. Jensen in the second son of the President, his father's PA, and is the centre of attention for a hijacker who only wants one thing. Everything.


Generosity by mercilynn
Jared/Jensen l PG l 10,645 words

Taking Turns (Holding This World) by felisblanco
Jared/Jensen, Chris/Steve l NC-17 l 56,000 Words
When rich boy Jensen Ackles decided to get out from under his father's thumb and run away from home he didn't expect to be robbed in broad daylight, mistaken for a hooker, beaten up by a tattooed maniac and have his life saved by a really cute street kid. All in one day.

Jared Padalecki on the other hand didn't expect to be thrown in jail for his trouble.

Alice in Wonderland

Everything Is Queer Today by cjmarlowe
Jared/Jensen l R l 5,400 words
Jared's been working 1-DR station since he was old enough to join the family business, but he's never seen it quite like this.

Mad World by memphis86
Jensen/Jared l Adult l 13,072 words
Wherein Jared falls through a rabbit hole, and everything changes.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Coming Home by timehasa_way
Jensen/Jared l NC-17 (R) l 29,073 words
The best way for me to summarize this is to just say that it's a J2 version of All Dogs Go To Heaven, but with humans instead of dogs, gay sex, less singing, some cursing, and just a tad more violence, considering the movie is pretty damn dark for an animated kids' movie.

All Tied Up

All Tied Up by spnfan99
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 4112 words
Jensen's cheating ways have gone too far this time... it's time for some payback.

America’s Sweethearts

Extra duties as required by splashpink
Jared/Jensen l R l 10,700+ words
J2 do America’s Sweethearts. Jared. Sandy. The American public. It’s Jensen’s job to handle all three, with only a Chad, a Mike, and a tube of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to aid him.

An American Werewolf In Paris

In Twilight's Blue by sarcasticdaisy
Jared/Jensen l Adult l 25,643 words
On a holiday in Spain, Jared receives a telegram from his father: His Uncle is ill and he must go check on him right away. Hung-over and bitterly unenthused, Jared arrives in Paris. It’s cold and bleak, and he hates it. Therefore it can only get worse...


Are you my mother? by acquiescence
Jared/Jensen l G l 13,710 words
Little Orphan Jared wants to find his family.

Angels In the Outfield

Glory Days by theladyscribe
Jared/Jensen l R l 15,400 words
Have some faith. This is baseball; anything can happen.


Apology by krebsbach
Jared/Jensen l R l WIP
Someone is killing men who look like artist Jensen Ackles at various stages of his life 18 - 31


Hold Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go by totallyquirky
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l WIP
Jared and Jensen fall in love, but there is a freaking huge asteroid about to wipe out the planet, only Jeff and his team of men can stop it. Will they do it in time and save the world?

Beauty and the Beast

Sub Rosa by malcolm_stjay
Sam/Dean, or Beauty/Beast l unknown l 21,000 words
A retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Winchester style.

Beauty and the Beast by misslucyjane
Dean/Castiel | G | 11,500 words
Who is the mysterious creature who lives behind the high walls of Messenger Manor? Dean Winchester, an apprentice hunter, is determined to find out.

The Hunter and the Bookworm by melodious329
Sam/Dean | NC-17 | 22,005 words
This is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast Supernatural style. Dean is a fierce prince raised as a hunter. Sam is a peasant who loves reading about the supernatural for which he is teased. Dean needs Sam’s help and they wind up falling in love until Sam almost breaks Dean’s heart.

Beholder by sandymg
Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | 80,000 words
Jared was passionate about the work he did with the animal shelter. Between that and living with Sandy, life was satisfactory. Until the cold night that the filthy, homeless man hidden in an oversized hoodie was dumped at the shelter and Jared couldn't just turn him out. Even if the man roared and called himself 'Beast.' Because under the hood, Jared was sure he caught a glimpse of a prince in those green eyes.

Bed Of Roses

Through the Window by deviant_dev
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 5,326 words
Jared is a no-nonsense lawyer who doesn't take chances. Jensen is a florist who wears his heart on his sleeve.


Bedazzled by sanguinepen
Sam, Dean l R l 9,268 words
Bedazzled Supernatural Style.

Seven Wishes or Good Luck, Bitches by jeyhawk
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 22,000 words
Down on his luck and missing his ex-girlfriend Jared makes a deal that will change his life forever; seven wishes in exchange for his soul. But as the wishes turn bad, one after another, he starts thinking that maybe what he really wants is right in front of his eyes.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Maybe It's Magic by teand
Jared/Jensen l Adult l 10,078 words
This is the story of how Jared wanted to win the war, Jensen wanted to go home, and Chad...well, this isn't Chad's story.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

A Most Excellent Supernatural Adventure by shadowc44
Sam/Dean l PG-13 l 15,000+ words
What if Dean and Sam had a tiny bit of stability in their teenage years, with a real house and a step-monster and all...and then a mysterious stranger shows up to help put them on the right path? The boys not only need to pass high school, they also need to pass a more important test to fulfill their shared destiny.


Like Tears In Rain by ysbail
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 25,000 words

The Black Cauldron

End of the Beginning by dollydolittle
Jared/Jensen l G l 927
Jensen wakes up after the end.


Cue the Sun by cherie_morte
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 16,313 words
Jared Padalecki lived twenty years without knowing his life was a TV show. When he accidentally ended up stranded in the real world, it fell to a complete stranger to save him.

The Boondock Saints

A New Horizon by unperfectwolf
Dean, Sam l PG-13 l 1,600+ words

The Bourne Identity

The Winchester Identity by zubeneschamali
Jared/Jensen, past Jensen/Sam l NC-17 l 136K words
A tall and handsome doctor is kidnapped by a mysterious green-eyed man who has no memory—but who definitely has a past.


Playing It Safe by sarcasticdaisy
Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Jeff l Hard R l 21,419 words
Jared, a tough ex con and his lover Jensen concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money and pin the blame on Jensen's crooked boyfriend Jeff.

Brokeback Mountain

Deadsville by unreckless
Jared/Jensen, Jared/Genevieve, Jensen/Danneel l Adult l 28,000 words
Communicating is hard, okay? Brokeback Mountain with scalpels.

But I'm A Cheerleader

A Story To Tell The Grandkids by cherryscott
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 4,836 words
Jared meets Jensen at gay camp.

But I'm A Basketball Player by flawedamythyst
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 18,848 words

It Isn't Working 'til It Is by fourfreedoms
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l Multi-part
Jared has a shot at starting quarterback on the football team when it all comes crashing down on him. Suddenly the entire world thinks he's gay, and his parents solution is to send him off to a gay conversion camp. Mad hijinks and one Jensen Ackles ensues.

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

On the Dodge by candle_beck
Sam/Dean l NC-17 l 39,660 Words

Most Of What Follows Is True by theladyscribe
Sam/Jo, some implied Dean/Jo and Dean/Jo/Sam l PG-13 l 2716 words
They’re small-time crooks, running credit card scams and desecrating graves. Petty thieves, stealing what they can’t scam. But sometimes small-time crooks get bored with their lives and start looking for trouble.


I Sing for You by lostt1
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 25,300 words
When Jared finds himself at Camp Ovation for the summer, a musical refuge for talented misfits, he gets a whole lot of drama. But then there's Jensen, his roommate, who may become something more.


Long Way Home by topaz119
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 29,000 words
All Jared had to do was get in, find the treasure, and get out before everybody figured out the scam. Simple. Yeah, right.

Can't Buy Me Love

Underneath This Texas Sky by lostt1
Jared/Jensen | PG-13 | 24,500 words
Money can buy popularity but... For Jensen, he just wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. When star quarterback Jared needs help, Jensen sees his chance. What he gets is more than he bargained for.

Can't Hardly Wait

Here's to a Happy Ending by dev_earl
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 6,710 words


Get Real Gone by latentfunction
Jared/Jensen l Adult l 26,500 words
After ten years on Days of Our Lives, Jensen Ackles has finally landed his big break: a role in Lightning, this summer's NASCAR bromance. When he's waylaid from the promo tour and meets small-town Jared, though, Jensen has to take a new look at his priorities if he wants to make it back to LA in time for the premiere.

Casi Divas

Life goes on (I don't) by trinipedia
Jared/Jensen l R l 8,500 words
Jared Padalecki, one of the country's most powerful producers, sweeps the nation in a frenzy when he decides to conduct a nationwide talent search to cast the lead in the movie version of the most popular soap opera of all times.

Jensen Ackles, main character of the soap opera since its beginning and Jared's on-again, off-again lover, is a star of epic proportion and expected to get the part.

Catch Me If You Can

Market Value In The Free Economy by subterrain
Dean and Sam l PG l 4,000 words
Given up for adoption at six months of age, Sam Arsenault has spent the greater part of his adult life obsessed with a con-man that only he knows is his brother.

Chasing Liberty

Living Just to Breathe by lostt1
Jared/Jensen l R l 22,387 words
Jared just wants to live his life a little, under his own terms. But as the only child of the US President, that can be a little difficult. Jared sees his European adventure as a chance to let loose, to finally find some room to breathe. And when he meets Jensen on the plane to Paris, he can't help but wonder if freedom, and maybe even a chance at love, is finally within his grasp.


An Eligible Gentleman by withdiamonds
Jared/Jensen, Jensen/JDM l PG-13 l 16,000 words
Can Sir Jensen Ackles, with his closed-off heart, find true love in Regency London? It's a Cinderella story.

My Prince by sammyndeansgrl1
Jensen/Jared l R l Multi-chapter
This is a Cinderella like story - but soooo not crack!

Whatever You Wish For, You Keep by obsessed1 & juice817
Jared/Jensen l Adult l 28,000+ words
Cinderella. J2 style. Features evil step-persons, magic and Eric Kripke as Sir Not Appearing In This Film.

City of Angels

That Second Chance by mellaithwen
Sam/Jess, John/Mary l R l 11,542 words


Unequivocal Sex Invite by miss_begonia
Jared/Jensen; mentions of implied Jared/Sandy, Jensen/Wentworth, Chris/Jensen, Chad/Steve, Chad/Jared, Chad/Chris and Eric Kripke/Sera Gamble l NC-17 l 18,400 words l F-locked

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

an empowered & informed member of society by quantrail
Jared/Jensen l R l 4,400 words
Due to a computer accident Jensen Ackles ends up with the whole internet in his head. He doesn’t get famous but he does get the boy.


The Hobgoblin Of Small Minds by shaneo6930
Jared/Jensen | NC-17 | WIP
Jensen Ackles was once one of the greatest minds in criminal psychology. But an attack by a serial killer leaves him agoraphobic. Jared Padalecki is a top San Francisco Homicide detective. When a new serial killer starts emulating the styles of famous killers of the past, it’s up to these 2 men to come together and stop him.

Corpse Bride

Remains of the day by trinipedia
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 16,000 words
Jared Padalecki's parents decided they want him to marry the only daughter of a noble family with no money. The only problem is, he can't remember his wedding vows. Sent away to practice, Jared finds himself wandering in the woods but when he finally gets them right, he is whisked away to the Land of the Dead by a corpse claiming to be his rightful husband. The corpse has already won Jared's hand, winning his heart is the real battle.

Coyote Ugly

Can't Fight This Feeling by jeyhawk
Jared/Jensen | Nc-17 | 35,000 words
Jensen Ackles moves to New York to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a songwriter, but achieving his dream isn't as easy as he thought, and a chance meeting with the mysterious Jared Padalecki makes him wonder if he should have been dreaming of something else all along.

It's Gonna Get to Your Heart by dev_earl
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 9,492 words
Aspiring songwriter Jensen Ackles comes out of his shell. And shirt. Jared Padalecki just happens to be in the right place at the right time.

Cruel Intentions

Intent of Desire by tempestquill
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 19,969 words
Jared Padalecki, rich, sophisticated, with a car to kill for, and a reputation to die for; his stepsister, Sandy McCoy, as viciously cunning as she is beautiful; Jensen Ackles, middle-class, seemingly naïve, with a bit of a past. When a wager is made, and the stakes are high, who will win in the end? Jared or Sandy, and will Jensen be the casualty?

If I Stopped Lying I'd Just Disappoint You by tebtosca
Jared/Jensen, minor Jensen/Julie | NC-17 | 14,000 words
Jensen and his step-sister Danneel rule their haughty Upper East Side prep school through sexually laced machinations and deceit. Yet when a purity-ring-wearing basketball star transfers in, Jensen starts to wonder whether there is more to life than just the game.

The Crying Game

Treat Her Like a Lady by annie46
Jared/Jensen, mentions of Jensen/Chad l NC-17 l Multi-chapter
Jared promises his kidnap victim that he will look out for his ‘special’ girlfriend. What is Jen’s secret and why did Chad want to protect her so much?

The Cutting Edge

An Unlikely Pair by liquid_nitrogen & deviant_dev
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 21,500+ words
U.S. figure skating champions, Jensen Ackles & Sophia Bush are aiming for Olympic Gold, but an injury threatens to knock them out of the 2010 Winter Olympics. U.S. Hockey player, Jared Padalecki has just been kicked off the team for fighting with a fellow teammate over an alleged affair.

Dangerous Minds

Prayers Under The Streetlights by trinipedia
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 20,000 words
Jensen Ackles is an ex-marine, hired as a high school teacher in a poor area of the city. After a terrible reception from the students, he tries unconventional methods of teaching to gain their trust, discovering on the way how much he can learn from them and that maybe there's love waiting for him where he'd least expect to find it.

Dating the Enemy

All That's Left to Chart by ignited
Jared/Jensen, Jared/Chad, Jensen/Sandy | NC-17 | 36,000 words
Jared is a hot shot MTV VJ, easygoing and affable. Jensen is a brilliant science journalist, geeky and introverted. They’re a perfect case of opposites attracting, but when they’re unable to compromise and save their relationship, the natural forces of the universe decide to intervene. They wake up in each other’s bodies in order to get a taste of their very different lives—if they don’t drive each other crazy first.

Dawn Of The Dead

Dawn Of The Dead... Reloaded by black_dahlia63
Sam/Dean, John, various OC’s l NC-17 l Multi-chapter

Dead Poets' Society

Run On For A Long Time by tigriswolf
Sam, Dean, OMC’s/OFC’s l PG-13 l 2,960 words
Dean doesn’t remember calling any man father. He does remember a mother, though. She has long blonde hair and eyes just like his, and she sings lullabies. Sometimes, he thinks he may’ve even had a brother, a roly-poly baby with bright green eyes, but he can never remember a name.

Deep Blue Sea

Ocean: Love Is for the Sharks by duohatesrelena
Jared/Jensen l R l 18,135 words
Searching for a cure to Alzheimer’s disease a group on an isolated research facility become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back.

Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City (Or How Four Idiots Ended Up Front Row) by giftedstudent
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Michael Rosenbaum and Tom Welling l NC-17 l 22,600 words
The story is set in Cleveland, 1978. Four boys – Mike Tom, Jared, and Jensen – are obsessed with the rock band, KISS. With tickets to see the biggest concert of the year, the foursome head on a wacky road trip to Detroit. What should be the greatest night of their lives turns into a nightmare. Along the way they deal with a religious zealot of a mother, boarding school, strippers, drugs, and worst of all…no tickets.

The Devil and Max Devlin

Were You Expecting Someone Else? by starless_riot
Jared/Jensen l R l 9,051 words
Jensen Ackles has the perfect life, and then he has to go and get himself killed. Will his second chance at life make him realize what he's been missing all along, or is it too late to save his soul?

The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Really Does Wear Prada by null
Sam/Dean l NC-17 l 36,806 words
An AU crossover with The Devil Wears Prada. What if Sam were a little more…fabulous? Jess never died, John goes missing much later, and Dean. Well. He's in for quite a surprise.

Die Hard

When It All Comes Crashing Down by hay1ock
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 15,064 words
J2 AU. Detective Jared Padalecki is visiting his estranged lover Jensen Ackles, an invitation to a high profile party at the company Jensen moved away to work for. There may be tension between the men but nothing prepares them for the chaos that is about to break out around them.


Daybreak by aohatsu
Jared/Jensen l PG l 10,500 words
Jensen meets Jared. In a forest. Because he's lost. And Jared isn't.

Dirty Dancing

Be My Baby by titheniel
Jared/Jensen, mentions of Chad Michael Murray/Katie Cassidy. Guest stars Mike Rosenbaum/Tom Welling l NC-17 l 47,000 words
l Summer, 1963. Young Jensen Ackles leaves his hometown in Texas to spend a three week long holiday with his conservative parents at the Kellerman's mountain resort in NY. Little does he know that he'll meet someone there that will change his life forever.

Dirty Dancing by veronamay
Jensen/Jared l PG l 8,599 words
Ever seen Dirty Dancing? Well, then you know the plot of this story. Except there are no girls, unless you count Jensen. This is an AU soap opera/crackfic. I REPEAT: AU CRACKFIC.

You Gotta Dance by xancredible
Jared/Jensen, implied Chris/Steve l NC-17 l 24,105 words
Jared spends his last summer vacation before the beginning of law school with his parents at the Manners' Summer Camp. It doesn't take him long to get tangled up in a drama where someone's pregnant and someone else needs a new dance partner for the upcoming dance competition.


The Dog Game by annie46
Jared/Jensen/Others l NC-17 l Multi-chapter
Jensen Ackles and his crowd are rich and privileged. They have never faced any challenges in their lives and have to come up with their own way of amusing themselves. The invention of the cruel ‘Dog Game’ keeps them on their toes but do they ever stop to consider who they are actually hurting? When Jensen chooses the wrong person to enter into the game, his life takes a direction that will change his views forever.

Drive Me Crazy

Things Never Go As Planned by itsthedetails
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 7,979 words
Jared has a plan to make his high school experience perfect, but he has to make some adjustments to his plan when he needs a date to the Centennial Ball. Jensen seems like the perfect fix, until he falls for him for real.

Dungeons & Dragons

The Quest for the Tunnels of Unknown Madness by annella
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 2,300 words
Jensen loves being a wizard, he really does, but he hates the way it only takes one hit in battle to take him out. Jared's supposed to be protecting him, but the stupid(ly attractive) barbarian keeps getting distracted by whatever he's trying to kill at the moment.

Eight Below

You don't have to look up at the sky by kilynn16
Jared/Jensen l PG l 11,000+ words
Sometimes everything you love gets taken from you. And sometimes you throw it all away.

Ella Enchanted

Taking Chances by lavendergaia
Jensen/Jared, Christian Kane, minor Danneel Harris/Sophia Bush l NC-17 l 14,500 words
After being cursed by a fairy into obedience, Jensen Ackles has never been very concerned with being social. When he falls for Jared Padalecki, he has to decide if his safety is more important than his happiness.


Coming Home by caarirose
Jared/Steve | Adult | 10,900 words
Going home and coming home aren't the same thing, or even meant to be the same place.

The Emperor's New Groove

Just another regular day at the Ackles Mega Resort by trinipedia
Jared/Jensen l R l 9,500 words
Vain and cocky Jensen Ackles is a very busy man; besides maintaining his "groove", and firing his suspicious administrator, Danneel, he's also planning to build a new hotel just for himself for his birthday. However, this means destroying one of the villages in his kingdom. Meanwhile, Danneel is hatching a plan to get revenge and usurp Jensen's role at the company, but, in a botched assassination courtesy of Danneel's right-hand man, Chad, Jensen gets lost and in order to get back he's gonna need the help of Jared, the catering manager, whose home is ground zero for the new hotel.

Empire Records

Damn The Man by lostt1
Jared/Jensen, hints at Mike/Tom, Chad, Sophia, Jeff, Sandy l PG-13 l 16,500 Words
Empire Records, open til midnight.


Chasing Dreams, Counting Butterflies by lostt1
Jared/Jensen l PG-13 l 5,731 words
Jensen believes love is something Hollywood made up, a gimmick used to rake in more money. He doesn't believe real love exists. But when he meets Jared, a man in love with fairytales, will he change his mind and take a chance?

Enchanted: The Extraordinary Adventures of Prince Samuel of Winchester and His Faithful Squire; Or: How Sam & Dean Saved the Girl, Killed the Dragon and Rode Off Into the Sunset In the Impala by sparkysparky
Sam/Dean l NC-17 | 10,000 words</i>

That's How You Know He's Your Love by janie_tangerine
Dean/Castiel and Sam/Anna (also Sam/Castiel and Dean/Anna) l PG-13 l 30,000 words
Enchanted fusion wherein Castiel falls from Heaven into New York City because of evil king Lucifer, Dean is the cynical single father divorce attorney whose life changes when they meet, Sam is a prince who is definitely intent on finding his beloved who was stolen from him, and Gabriel, even if he's a chipmunk, is definitely the sanest of the bunch.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

In media res by memphis86
Sam/Dean l R l 7,320 Words
Dean meets Sam, and they fall in love. Sam leaves Dean, and they fall apart. Then Dean meets Sam, and they fall in love...


Feeling Is Freedom by alasse
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 19,800 words
In the future, in a dystopian world, feeling is outlawed. Jensen Ackles is the highest ranking Grammaton Cleric, and his sole purpose is to persecute those few criminals who resist, and dare feel. Jared Padalecki is one of the leaders of the Resistance. What will happen when a simple accident makes Jensen feel, and he meets Jared?

50 First Dates

At the heart of night and darkness by kuromatic
Sam/Dean l Adult l 3,600 words
What if an accident robbed Sam of his memories? If every time he fell asleep his mind completely erased what happened that day? Would it be possible to build a relationship with a brother he used to know but now has completely forgotten?

The Family Man

Lingering in the Golden Gleam by causeways
Jared/Jensen l NC-17 l 21,000 words
On New Year's Eve ten years after the end of Supernatural, Jared goes to sleep in Los Angeles and wakes up in Vancouver, in bed with Jensen Ackles. And they've got kids.

The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element by candygramme
Jared/Jensen l R l 28,000 words
In here you will find a villain the likes of which has never been seen before. You will find a hero of truly monumental ability, and a being who is just about perfect. You will find character death, bravery in the face of impossible odds and a variety of TV heroes past and present, from Star Trek to the X-files and beyond.

Fight Club

I Am Jack's Contusio Cerebri by jenniebellie
Dean and Sam (no Wincest), Jensen/Jared l R l 14,593 words

Finding Nemo

adventures in puppysitting by _mournthewicked
Jared/Jensen l Adult l 12,000 words
Jensen knows how to have fun. That isn’t a crime. But when all that fun gets him into a sticky situation, he knows it’s about time to grow up. It shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is find Nemo.

Fired Up

Pom Poms and Circumstance by agt_bush
Jared/Jensen, brief Jensen/Tom l PG-13 l 6700 words
Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray ditch their friends so they can spend the summer surrounded by beautiful girls at cheer camp. The plan works perfectly until Jared realizes he is falling for the gorgeous, and very male head cheerleader, Jensen.

First Kid

Guard My Body by transfixeddream
Jensen/Jared, Jared/Others l NC-17 l 2,938 words
Jared gets a new bodyguard and porn ensues.

Flight of the Navigator

From Both Sides by ysbail
Jared/Jensen l R l 16,573 words
Seventeen-year-old Jensen Ackles took a nap - and woke up ten years later to a world where everything, and everyone, had moved on without him.

Flight Of the Phoenix

On the Wings of Fury by leviticus_lied
Sam/Dean l 16,700 words
A plane crashes in the desert and pilot Dean must keep control and find a way to get everyone out alive.

Formula 17

I Don’t Want to Be In Love [But You’re Making Me] by strippedpink
Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles, Chad Michael Murray, Michael Rosenbaum, Tom Welling, Riley Smith, Lauren Cohan, Milo Ventimiglia, implied Chad/Sophia Bush & Mike/Tom. | NC-17 | 25,000 words l F-Locked
A not so stupid person once said that hope was radical. What does that say about romance?

The Fox and the Hound

Goodbye May Seem Forever by rhythmsextion
Jared/Jensen (also some Jared/Sandy and Jensen/Danneel) l Adult l 36,400 words
Jared and Jensen have been best friends since second grade, together weathering school work, girls, puberty and their burgeoning sexual identities all under the radar of Jensen's disapproving parents. They swear they'll be friends forever. But forever is a long, long time and time has a way of changing things.

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday by trolleys_art
Jared/Jensen l G l ART W/ STORY

the message of the Buddha by __tiana__
Jared/Jensen l R l 14,300ish
AU. When Jared moves in as his roommate, Jensen is annoyed that his perfectly ordered life is turned upside down. And that's just the beginning of the changes in store.

French Kiss

Sotto il Sole di Capri by titti
Jensen/Chad; non-explicit Jensen/Danneel and Jared/Sandy | NC-17 | 15,992 words
When Jensen decides to go to Rome to get Danneel back, he finds something unexpected.
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