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We've been through much together, you and I

I did it, all of it, for you

the cursed

Me? Nothing really to say other than I love Supernatural and anything that has to do with it.

My name is Kai, I'm 27 and originally from Hawaii. I live in Oregon now and go to school for graphic design. I'm a guy, just feel the need to clarify since the majority of SPN fandom is female. =)

My journal is friends only, except for stuff pertaining to Supernatural or other non related RL issues. If you want to friend me, go ahead, I like making new friends, but if you want me to friend you back drop me a line on the FO entry.

If you want one (or more) of the pdf's I've made, please see this post and follow the directions.

Dean/Castiel, Jared/Jensen, Hulkling/Wiccan are my OTP.

tv, movies & misc.

Supernatural, Glee, Buffy, Charmed, Dark Angel, Leverage, Drop Dead Diva, Merlin, White Collar, V, Kyle xy, No Ordinary Family...

Stardust, Ten Inch Hero, The Lion King, 50 First Dates, The Sweetest Thing, PS I Love You, Practical Magic, Latter Days. How to Get a Guy, Time Travelers Wife, Leap Year...

music & books

Fefe Dobson, Michelle Branch, Glee, All American Rejects, Kane, Trading Yesterday…

Dragon Prince series, Nightrunner series, Leandros Bros series, Dhampir series…

all of it for you

I killed two angels this week. Those are my brothers. I'm hunted, I rebelled, and I did it, all of it, for you, and you failed. You and your brother destroyed the world, and I lost everything... for nothing.

~ Sometimes your knight in shining armor is just a retard in tin foil.

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